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There is an easy way to floss!

The defining characteristics of the Loose Floss Method is that the floss is loosely threaded up, along, and through a pair of thin, strong plastic armatures —"fingers"— extending as a yolk from the handle.

Applying the Loose Floss Method tensions the loose floss, enabling precise manual movement of floss around a tooth, and under the gum, controled from outside the mouth.

Unique to the Loose Floss Method is that it wraps the floss around the tooth. All other flossing aids employ a rigid strait tensile piece of floss, stretched tight.

There are two basic flossing motions; sideways buffing:

and pulling (squeegying) up from deep under the gum line to remove plaque:

With the Loose Floss Method both hands stay outside the mouth — one holding the handle, the other holding the spent floss — accurately controlling the floss far into the rear of the mouth.

The Loose Floss Method is safe. With the flex of a finger the floss is pulled through tight spots between teeth.

When bringing the floss into the space below the tight spot between the teeth the floss snaps strait — never over-shooting and wounding the gum.

Safe in— with the flex of a finger → Safe in

When removing the floss through the tight spot between the teeth the floss is pulled out sideways — never pulling off caps or posts.

Safe out— with the flex of a finger → Safe out

Unlike most flossing armatures; if the floss does get immovably stuck and won't budge, the Loose Floss Method yolk can be quickly withdrawn from the mouth — never leaving one with a plastic yolk in their mouth. The Loose Floss Method may not solve the age old problem of floss stuck between the teeth, but it doesn't make it harder by adding a plastic yolk it your mouth.

The Design of the Loose Floss Method threads the floss into the mouth and around the tooth using the principles of a SEWING MACHINE: Thread extended through loops and guides, with alternating tension controlling the advancement of the thread across a small inaccessable surface area.

Easy full control of the floss around each tooth, above and below the gum, while the hands remain completely out of the mouth will promote the regular practice of flossing — a key compliment to tooth brushing.

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